DrFoods(ドクターフーズ) AdipoNex アディポネックス 単品 GAフコイダン アディポネクチン

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It contains adiponectin, an enzyme that many people in the village of longevity have. Adiponectin is extracted from the root of kelp, but the manufacturing process requires special techniques. Adiponex spends about a year aging in the extraction process. Originally, it is a product that you can be satisfied with, although it is expensive, because it takes time and effort to produce rare materials.

The reliability of this product is higher in China, Vietnam, and South Korea than in Japan.

它含有脂联素,这是长寿村许多人拥有的一种酶。 脂联素是从海带的根中提取的,但是制造过程需要特殊的技术。 Adiponex在提取过程中花费了大约一年的时间。 最初,它是一种您可以满意的产品,尽管它很昂贵,因为它需要时间和精力来生产稀有材料。